The Jungle Boys grow the best weed that is hailed to be phenomenal in California, especially at the Los Angeles and Orange County Jungle Boys Dispensary. We have spent 13 years developing our signature marijuana strains, such as Jungle mint, decides, wifi .cake, wedding cake, Mac, Jungle Cake, and more.

All Jungle Boys strains are top quality and reasonably priced. TLC Collective offers Jungle bud that is so good it will make you want to go to the moon.

Our Jungle Boys menu includes the following, Dosidos Frosted Cake, Jungle mints, Wifi cake, Sour apple, to name a few, wholesale jungle packs, and boys carts.

Are Jungle Boys Good Weed?

This strain provides average effects perfect for knocking out chores or enjoying nature on a day off. The high comes and goes without much notice; sometimes, that’s exactly what we’re looking for. Cons: While the aroma is enticing, the flavor could use more punch.

What is The Most Potent Weed Strain on The Market?

Regarding high THC strains, Godfather OG is reported by several sources, including leading cannabis magazine High Times as the most potent marijuana strain globally. It is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain with THC levels as high as 35%, and some say it could be even higher.

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