Backpack Boyz is Bay Area residents that produce excellent cannabis while retaining a vibrant persona that includes champagne bottles, cash, and nice cars. Cannabis with unique flavors, packaging, and aromas is standard in the Bay Area.

What are backpack Boyz strains?

With an exquisite selection of strains, we offer variety. Our bag boyz strains include anything from traditional gelato flavors like apple, black cherry, lemon cherry, and number 33 to unique flavors like horchata, Italian ice, tiramisu, and more. Look at our Backpack Boyz menu, place an order, and leave the line!

Is Backpack Boyz Indica or Sativa?

Blue Gotti by Backpack Boyz is an Indica-dominant hybrid. But its effects tend to be very relaxing, making it a strain best saved for nighttime use if you succumb to its sedative properties of 3.5g.


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